ATLAS is a 3D Finite Element (FE) software, specifically tailored for geomechanical simulations. It is currently used for the simulation of land subsidence, rock integrity, fault activation, induced seismicity and many other relevant geomechanical processes related to the exploitation of subsurface resources.

What makes ATLAS outstanding if compared to other available scientific software is its speed, efficiency and robustness: ATLAS is natively designed for parallel supercomputers and it takes advantage of GPU-accelerated architectures. Hence, it allows for easily simulating extreme-size domains with several hundreds of millions of elements.

ATLAS is designed and implemented as a computational kernel library (with API), without any preferred GUI. This makes ATLAS compatible with every other existing computational workflow. Its results can be visualized by any common Graphical Visualization tool, including opensource software such as Visit or Paraview.


Atlas is available with license agreement for commercial use or evaluation purposes.

For the Atlas license agreement and further information, please send a request e-mail to: products@m3eweb.it