M3E | Scientific Software Development
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Scientific Software Development

Often, it is not easy to find the right or the most efficient answer to your problems with the aid of existing commercial codes. Sometimes your needs are too specific to be addressed by a general-purpose software, some other times you might buy the license of an expensive, heavy and powerful code to use a very small fraction of it.

M3E is highly specialized in the software development on an on-demand basis, providing a customized answer to your needs. We develop solution algorithms for the numerical integration of ordinary and partial differential equations, the equilibrium of networks, the optimization of processes, the management, analysis and transfer of big amounts of data. M3E offers ad hoc solutions for specific software customizations and the development of computational tools to help different codes talk each other, such as commercial models, post-processors and optimization routines. If you already have developed your own routines, M3E can support you in the optimization and/or parallelization of the software in order to speed up the simulations and better exploit the potential of the current computational architectures. Moreover, M3E can take care of the code maintenance, bug fixing and provide the required assistance in your own developments.

Main activities include:

  • development of scientific codes in different languages (C ++, Fortran90, Python, Matlab, etc.), developed according to the specific requirements of the client
  • optimization of algorithms and computational codes
  • software customization with the development of linking tools between commercial codes, post-processors and verification tools
  • development of user interfaces (GUIs) for input and output data management



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