Our Products

These are some of our creations

RAS Geometry Maker

RAS Geometry Maker is designed to create a fully georeferenced geometry file that can be directly imported into HEC-RAS, starting from a text file where cross sections are defined and geometry files that can be implemented in any CAD/GIS environment.

XS Interpolator

XS Interpolator is software that allows for the generation of interpolated river cross sections, usually required to supplement surveyed cross sections data while performing any river analysis, or for the creation of a riverbed DEM, needed for the implementation of 2D hydrodynamic models.

XS Plan viewer

XS Plan viewer is designed to support topographic data processing integrating survey data with other available topographic and morphological information in a CAD or GIS environment (both proprietary and open source).

RAS to Excel

RAS to Excel exports a HEC-RAS geometry file (Reach Lines and Cross Section) into an Excel file. The APP creates a new sheet “reach lines” with the nodes coordinates of the reach line, for each reach in the geometry. For each reach the APP creates a new sheet “River – Reach” name and for each Cross Section it writes: (a) Description (if any), (b) River Station, (c) XS GIS cut line (if any) and (d)  Station/Elevation.