M3E | Water Resource Engineering
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Water Resource Engineering

Water represents an essential resource in the world. Much effort in water resource management is presently directed at optimizing the use of water and in minimizing the environmental impact of water use on the natural environment.

M3E has developed a significant experience in the development and application of state-of-the-art numerical simulators for the proper management of surface and subsurface waters.

Prediction of the flow field in variably-saturated or multi-aquifer systems both at the well as at the basin scale, interaction between surface and subsurface waters, rainfall/runoff hydrology, river hydrodynamics, aquifer artificial recharge by surficial basins and wells, quantification of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers and possible minimization strategies represent major topics where M3E has acquired an important know-how. M3E expertise includes the processing of hydrologic, hydrogeologic, hydro-geophysical acquisitions for the development of complex static/geologic models, the domain discretization by 3D Finite Element mesh accurately reproducing the system heterogeneity, the model calibration/validation using optimization and inversion procedures.

Engineering topics such water leakage through river embankments and dams (in steady state and transient conditions), lowering of groundwater levels for pit excavation, hydrologic effects of channel digging, pressure propagation in aquifers hydraulically connected to hydrocarbon reservoirs, dimensioning of pipe networks are also important aspects for which M3E can provide a valid support.


Main activities include:

  • groundwater flow in variably saturated aquifers and confined multi-aquifer systems
  • managing aquifer recharge and development
  • saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers
  • water infiltration through river embankments and dams
  • flow and pressure distribution in open and closed pipe networks
  • river hydrology and hydrodynamics
  • reconstruction and propagation of sea/ocean waves

Main developed tools:

FLOW3D: 3D simulation code for the prediction of groundwater flow in variably saturated aquifers and confined multi-aquifer systems;

MFLOW3D: multi-phase motion field simulation code for deep geological formations.

RETEGAS: simulation code for open and closed nets for gas transport.

Moreover M3E uses standard numerical simulators, such as MODFLOW and SUTRA (groundwater flow and density-dependent flow/transport), HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS (river hydrology and hydrodynamics).