M3E becomes member of TechNet alliance

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Since September 2017, M3E is a proud member of TechNet Alliance. M3E, a leader in numerical simulations and applied mathematics, is excited to be included in such high talented network of outstanding companies in CAE.

The TechNet Alliance was founded by ANSYS Channel Partners in 1998 and has grown into a global network of CAE companies and, as such, constitutes one of the longest standing CAE Alliances in the world.

The TechNet Alliance allows its members, mostly small and midsize companies, to act as a strong partner/supplier in a fast growing global market. Members can participate in joint activities and knowledge transfer initiatives within the network.

In addition to members offering solutions for the CAE market (Charter member) the network now also includes members using CAE solutions (Corporate member). Furthermore, acknowledged worldwide simulation experts and professors (Honorary member) are part of the TechNet Alliance as well as companies supporting business activities (Business support member).

The TechNet Alliance invites its members to network meetings held twice a year. Members share experiences, thoughts and plans with “like-minded” friends, contact new and interesting partners and jointly develop new business ideas.

Today the TechNet Alliance, active for more than 10 years, consists of over 55 companies from more than 25 countries. In addition to companies from all over Europe, partners from Brazil, China, India, Japan, Canada, South Korea and the United States are represented in the network.

More info: TechNet Alliance