Carlo Janna

Carlo Janna graduated in Civil Engineering in 2003 with final grades 109/110 and in 2008 he was awarded a PhD in Science of Civil and Environmental Engineering, specializing in Mathematical and Numerical Methods at the University of Padua.

Since 2011 he is a Research Engineer in Numerical Analysis at the same University. During his academic activities and PhD, Carlo Janna worked primarily on problems of environmental and structural modeling including processes simulation of anthropogenic CO2 segregation in the subsoil, extraction of hydrocarbon and gas storage in fields as well as numerical linear algebra problems. He is experienced in the implementation of computer codes both on serial computers and on supercomputers. He has participated in several research projects funded by various institutions such as MIUR, ENI-E&P, ENEL, SNAM progetti and University of Padua.

He is author and co-author of over 40 scientific articles published in international journals and international conferences proceedings on numerical and application issues.

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