Nicolò Spiezia

Nicolò Spiezia got a Bachelor degree in 2009 and a Master degree in 2011, with major in Structural Engineering. During the Master degree he spent a period as exchange student at Sheffield University (UK).

He got his PhD in 2015 from University of Padua, with major in Computational Mechanics. He has been Visiting Researcher Student for 9 months at Stanford University (USA) as Visiting Researcher Student. Druting 2015 he has been Post-Doc at the Department ICEA, where he collaborates as teaching assistant in the Courses of “Advanced Solid Mechanics” and “Non linear analysis of solids and structures”.

The main scientific interests concern the mathematical and numerical modeling of multiphase material, investigating the interaction among the difference phases.

His research is mainly focused on studing the non linear material and geometry aspects, in particular with respect to elastoplasticity and finite deformations.
Since 2016 he collaborates with M3E, dealing with numerical simulations problems, High Performance Computing, optimization problems and data analysis by means of Machine Learning algorithms.

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